Pia, a qualified lawyer, had always dabbled in modelling and blogging. In 2014 she decided to take the plunge, leave the big city life of law, and jump head first in to her own personal ventures. In just a couple of years Pia became one of Australia’s most recognised social influencers. With over 3.5 million followers, over 75 million likes and over 50 million video views, her travels and adventures documented by the multi-award winning Creative Director, Kane are followed by their fans globally through social media channels. She now splits her time between modelling, blogging and building her own eco-friendly luxe clothing line, SLINKII Athletic.

In April 2016, Pia became a Market Editor at GRAZIA magazine with a focus on all things Luxe, Travel and Lifestyle. In Feb 2018, her personal blog, Finding the Finer, became part of the GRAZIA global network.